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rhetorical analysis of Leonard Pitt’s article/essay

Write a rhetorical analysis of Leonard Pitt’s article/essay.  Make sure to write the entire essay in third person.  Incorporate information discussed in class, relevant experience of your own, and no more than two external sources of relevant details. 

The first paragraph should follow the structure of an introduction paragraph.  It must have a thesis statement with purpose and main points clearly stated. 

The body of the Essay must have at least as many paragraphs as there are main points in the thesis statement.  Each body paragraph will have sufficient supporting details including referenced material from external sources to support the main ideas.  Do not forget to use appropriate transitions.

There must be a final conclusion paragraph with the restatement of the essay’s thesis statement.


The Essay must be double spaced, 12pt, 500-1,000 words (one full page minimum). The essay must include all the required components: Introduction, Body paragraphs, and Conclusion.

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