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How to fully prepare for SAT, GRE, GMAT tests. Tips to guide students.

The SAT, Graduate Record Examination(GRE) and Graduate Management Assessment Test (GMAT) are all standardized tests used to evaluate how ready a student is for campus.  Every student planning to study in the U.S.A must take either one, two or all the tests to secure admission in an institution depending on the requirements of the school. The tests are used to back up your GPA grade.

Just like any other test, you have to prepare fully before sitting for either of the tests. You can never be sure to ace a test however you could prepare sufficiently to be confident. These tests are mostly aimed at assessing some skills such as, creative and critical thinking, analytical skills and time management along with ability to work under stress as there is so much pressure due to limited time. The time given for each section in all cases is never enough since it is intended that a variety of scores be produced but with practice and ample preparation, it is possible to work within the short period. These tests are not easy and every student needs to be thoroughly prepared to get a good score.

As a student, some of the hacks to acing these tests are:

·      Timely preparation. Depending on the available dates of the tests select a date that is convenient for you. You will need at least 120 hours (which translates to five weeks if you can spare 20 hours a week and more if you have a tight schedule throughout the week) to prepare fully before your test day, however if you feel the need to prolong the preparation period there is no harm. Within this time scope, you can achieve a lot with a good study routine.

·      Sit for a mock test. There are very many available tests online currently, find an appropriate site(preferably institution affiliated) for instance if you are preparing for the SAT you can use the Khan Academy Test prep and take the test. Be honest with yourself and do not use more time than is allocated as it is part of self  evaluation. Taking a test at this point will help you realize your areas of weakness or those that you need to polish up on. It will also give you an idea of what to expect and consequently what you ought to do. You might not do well in the test but that is not a reason to feel discouraged as it is the first test.

·      Create a convenient study plan. Having taken the test and realized how much work you ought to put in, take your time to create a study plan you can work with having in mind that you will be the one to follow it. Create a realistic plan, for instance, involve breaks in between, allocate just enough time to tackle a certain area so that you can give equal attention to all areas . Set reminders to ensure you follow up.

·      Establish a good study routine. Different students have different study habits that work for them, select one that works best for you. The most preferred method of study is studying while making notes. It has been proven in several studies that it is easier for the brain to remember something that you actively got involved in rather than just read or heard about. The more you write the more you remember. Furthermore at some point, later on in your last week of preparation, you will want to remind yourself of some things that will rather take you a lot of time to locate in the voluminous books. At such a time your notes will be of great help.  Some students will prefer taking tutorial classes and as long as they can afford to pay for the classes and can find a reputable tutor (preferably a teacher or a student who sat for the test and aced it) ,it is also a recommendable alternative. Besides, a tutor will guide you through in a way you could not have on your own, however, along with the tutorial classes, it is advisable to spare time for personal studies because at the end of the day you will take the test alone. The preparation period might be exhausting but maintain a positive mind and be determined.

·      Practice taking several tests. Having done a mock test before and amply prepared on the same, you are in a better position to take several mock tests. This will help to improve time management and speed, the ultimate goal being to solve as many questions as possible within a short period of time accurately and correctly.

·      Have enough rest. As the day approaches, try to be calm and collected. Avoid anxiety at all costs. You have prepared fully, be confident and relax. It is recommended that you do not study a day before the test, this will help with anxiety that comes with fear or exam fever and ensure you prepare yourself for test day in terms of what to wear, what to have with you and at what time you ought to be at the examination hall.

Test day!

Having done enough preparation and taken enough rest. Wake up early, get ready (wear comfortable clothing)) and be on time for the examination. Be confident and composed. Believe in your self and your preparation you will do great!


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