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Sample Discussion Board

Many persons think decision making is easy but think how many times you may have regretted a decision you have made.  Decision making in organizational life is complex and extremely important. Decisions may even affect the survival of the organization.


·         Why is decision making difficult? 

·         How do managers go about making decisions? 

·         How are decisions and the results therefrom assessed/evaluated? 

·         How are decisions made in your organization?


Decision Making Questions


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Decision Making Questions

Making decisions is difficult because most people are afraid of making the wrong decision alongside suffering the remorse or consequence. Also, it is difficult because making decisions brings about anxiety, pressure, and depression over what to do as the priorities are not clear because decision making implies a significant resource amount to be committed towards decision execution.

Managers make decisions, and this involves addressing all the issues form day-to-day operations to strategic planning in the long-range.  How managers make decisions consists of a series of steps, which include defining the problem, identification of the limiting factors, developing potential alternatives, analyzing the other options, which is then followed by selecting the best one, then implementing the decision, and lastly establishing an evaluation and control system.

The decisions and results are evaluated regarding performance or the outcome, be it a negative or positive issue. The consequence which is the result of the decision made is expressed quantitatively or quantitatively. Evaluation is also done to systematically to determine the significance, worth, and merit of the subject.

Lastly, in my organization decisions are made by the managers who then pass the resolutions to department heads for implementation. A step-by-step approach makes decisions. Staff members make small decisions while the managers make more significant decisions. To ensure uniformity of decisions making in my organization we have implemented a process that every member of the organization can follow.