What keeps you moving despite college challenges in life?

What keeps you moving despite college challenges in life?

  In life, it is no surprise that you will be faced with challenges. They are a part of life.  One thing you need to keep in mind is that difficulties in life are meant to make it better and not bitter.   One needs to develop a positive mindset that will help you learn how to respond to these challenges. Most successful people today are a testimony of how human potential is infinite.    For many the struggles, they went through seemed too hard to overcome.  If they did it, who are we?

Most of us get so excited about the thought of joining college.  However, upon arriving there, we sometimes go through hardships that get us frustrated. Therefore it is paramount for every student to develop a mechanism to empower them to deal with college challenges.  Giving up is not an option.  Like any other body muscle, the ability to deal with hardships needs to be exercised. The ability is essential to work out as it brings forth, self-confidence boosts one's esteem and prepares one to overcome struggles in life.

Most scholars prefer joining a college that is far from home, due to various reasons; some of these reasons include; the need to get exposed to new areas and experiences. Meet new friends. Adventure in to a new environment. Lastly, some get scholarships that require them to join a specific school.  With the changes in life, there come new challenges. They include; homesickness, anxiety, loneliness, depression, frustration, boredom and difficulty in sleeping.

Below are tips that will help you as a scholar to overcome the possible challenges in college

  • Embrace adversity- keep pushing eventually you will get there.   In life, we feel so proud of ourselves at the moments we conquered, and we stood out. These are times that were shaped by challenges, and yet we made it. Nothing that keeps you moving than convincing yourself that you are more capable than you could ever imagine.
  • Form a team- look for friends and make the team. Working together drives you forward. You will get a chance to learn from each other.
  • Think positively- Our brains are conditioned to focus on the dangers and threats. It is imperative therefore to always be positive. To achieve this; you can start by appreciating things around you. Continuously pessimism poses a threat in our lives as our brains can perceive the dangers that we create in our mind even if they are not there real life.
  • Work out-exercising has always worked. It not only enables one to burn the excess fat but also makes one relax. At least three days a week make sure you exercise this will give you the energy to face challenges and also reduce your anxiety-boosting your self-confidence.
  • Interact with nature- once in a while you should take a walk or get out and interact with the serenity of nature. It helps your brain to function well. And get you exposed to Mother Nature, which is very comforting.
  • Get a role model- this is a person you admire or someone who inspires you. Whenever you are stuck in a particular hardship, ask yourself what your role model would have done in the same circumstance.
  • Master language- knowing how to communicate is very crucial. It enables one to express them. Not knowing the language, may cause one to lose confidence.
  • Be confident- always stand tall. Research has proved that body language changes the way our brain works.
  • Ask questions- asking questions is always a prudent move. Makes sure you seek clarity from a more experienced person. For instance, when you are in a new environment, you might ask someone to explain to you the geography of that place.
  • Make a positive move about your challenges- when faced with challenges do not just sit and cry, or complain about it.  Do something positive to change your current situation to the better
  • Positive habits- set goals that will demand positivity, hard work and determination from you. Particularly when it comes to shining in your exams. Practice good habits and keep track of your behavior and evaluate whether you are improving or not.
  • Know who you are- understanding yourself is very critical.  It begins by discerning who you are and what you stand for.   Identifying yourself makes you immune to negative peer pressure influences such as drug abuse.  In addition to that knowing who you are empowered you to focus on changing the person, you are to the better.