Have you ever read an article, a book or any other written material and you cannot get enough of it. The creativity, style, vocabulary, content and the use of literary devices is but mind-blowing.   There are good writers out there. Many have the mastery of writing; however, you will be astonished to realise that these writers were once beginners.   They at a point found themselves writing “garbage”. Consistency, determination and will power are but some of the tools that great writers have used to become what they want. The fact that they consistently continued reading and writing made them perfect.  Writing is simple, but it is not easy. 

Many are times writers find it hard to create content that they are finding satisfying.  Other times some find themselves losing focus along the way.    It is therefore paramount to ensure as a writer you have discipline.  Discipline is an aspect that is a foundation in all learning. It acts as a code of order or conduct that enables one to focus on whatever they are doing successfully.  Lack of discipline could be attributed to several reasons which include; lack of motivation, Inadequate reading, lack of enough practice, bad habits, and being overambitious which leads to frustrations. The journey of becoming a disciplined writer will be as easy as you want it to be.  Nevertheless, dedication focus and determination are critical for it to be a success.   Below are some tips that will help you become a disciplined writer.

  • Have a positive attitude towards writing- If you want something so bad, attitude plays a vital role; you need to view writing as an exciting task.   Believing in youself is also paramount.
  • Practice- it involves writing frequently and reading as well. Remember practice makes perfect. It is crucial to be patient with yourself and not be discouraged.
  • Select your best medium- whereby you choose what works for you. For instance, one could find themselves comfortable to write on the floor using notes of various colours. On each note, compose a different idea.
  • Be open-minded- stop shaping your mind that writing should have a specific flow and when you realise you cannot concur with the flow you start blaming yourself for lack of creativity.   Explore your thinking extensively. Think and write it down. Eventually, you will be surprised to know how creative you are.
  • Time management-writing takes a significant amount of one's time. Therefore it is essential for one to make time and not “find ‘time for writing.  To make it even more effective, pledge to yourself that in 30 minute time I will be through writing one page.
  • Morning pages:  in the morning is the best time to generate fresh ideas.    However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Nevertheless I can confirm to you that when you have a good night sleep, you are most likely to wake up when your mind is fresh.  Writing in the morning is a ritual that most writers have confirmed that it works. Try it.
  • Learn the circle of writing- here is how it goes, the more you write, and the more you will like it. The more you like it, the extra you will do it. The more you do it, the more you will make time for it, the more you make time for it, the more you will master it, the better you become, the more confident you will be, and eventually the more you will want to write.
  • Motivation- the secret behind it is to find a visual motivator. For an instant, you can set your laptop password as “writer”. Buy a mug with “best writer’ written across.  In addition to that, it is vital to find a writer(s) who inspires you.
  • Embrace discipline- it is vital you become your own disciplinarian choose to overcome your writing challenges. Set goals and purpose to achieve them. Remember without a controller you cannot go far.
  • Stop being over ambitious- narrow your expectations especially if you are a beginner; you do not become a good writer overnight. Take time to practice, research, read and explore. Eventually, you will get there. It is necessary to note that will power eventually yields mental energy.

Believe in yourself; knowing what you want is paramount, working for it is crucial and believing in yourself is very vital. It not about what people tell you is about what you feel about yourself. You have to believe in yourself first before anyone else.  Self-confidence is a key component when it come