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A review is a critical analysis of an event, a text, an object or a phenomena. Reviews can be written on the entire genre of literature, fashion, art, performances and so on. A Review focus to make an argument.  It should not be a mere summary it should be a critical analysis, where one gives their honest opinion spiced with an accurate evaluation that is based on facts and should use simple language. The particular element in reviews is that it is commentary. Therefore it is paramount to note that reviews vary in subject, tone, length, and style. However, some are features that make them common. These features include. One, first review, it entails a concise description of the topic and the overall, purpose, argument and perspective.  It provides the reader with a relevant summary of the content. Two, the second review it involves the reaction of the reader, whereby the reader offers a detailed assessment of the material. It explain whether the works in question served the purpose or delivered the intended message- it answers the questions such as, was the writer persuasive enough?  Did the writer improve your understanding of the content written? Lastly the third review, it also focuses on analyzing the content and give a conclusion on whether or not the audience will appreciate the content.

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