Learning how to network will be of great service as majority of freelance writers work in solitude. Networking will enable you to know others in the field and what they offer. It will also open you up to potential clients, seeing that most freelance writers get work through recommendations, referrals and word of mouth. There is no need to be alarmed if you are not the face-to-face kind, as not all networking has to be done in person. The advent of networking sites like LinkedIn can be of great advantage in landing potential business opportunities as a writer.


·         Network


 If you want to land that client you should be sure you know how to pitch. Ensure that you are up to date with the industry that you are considering pitching to. Know what’s new and what’s not and lastly ensure that your portfolio is up to date. This will be helpful in cases where the client would love to see the kind of work you do.


·         Learn how to pitch


Being a freelance writer means that you are your own boss and with that in mind you need to keep track of the money you make. There is no room to be reckless with your payments, clients and even time allocated. Ensure that you register deadlines for work handed to you so that you get consistent clients. Strive to deliver your work two days before the initial deadline. This will off load a huge amount of work from you.


·         Be organized


There are two forms of styles you should examine that are popular: the casual lifestyle writing and the formal writing style. The casual lifestyle writing takes a no rule kind of approach; you tend to lean more on the conversational bit.  Having all factors considered ensure to check first on the kind of publication before being too casual. This will assist you in gauging the standard of their articles; do they fall under the too serious, too funny or do the articles read more like personal essays. On the formal writing style, there tends to be a leaning on a more serious set of rules that you must follow. For example, you may be told to follow a certain key word or even the number of times to use the key words. An extra plus is being able to write for the international audiences.


·         Learn different writing styles


The quality of work you hand in is vital. It is important to learn how to write quickly so that you do not miss out on major clients because you took too long writing and editing the smaller articles. Ensure that your major clients get first priority because they are likely to give you continuous jobs unlike one time gigs. This does not mean that you should brush of the onetime gigs this is because your performance on them will determine if the clients become permanent clients. So as a writer find a balance.


·         Have a quick turnaround time


Freelance writing is the new trend in town and for you to flourish in this field you will need a few tips to get there: